Clash of Clans Celebrate 6th Anniversary | Know about COC

Clash of Clans Celebrate 6th Anniversary | Know about COC : Clash of Clans world popular game in history. Now coc celebrate his 6th anniversary so get 1 gem boost collector and resources for 1 month absolutely free.


In today’s article, I am going to tell you about how Clash of Clans Game works. If you look at the best and most popular game to date, you will find lots of likes. is . And there are quite a lot of big games in social media. Most of their traffic comes from China if they talk about it.

If you talk about the recent downloads of this game, 100 million plus is showing on the Play Store i.e. that will be more than that. I can say with confidence because nowadays it starts coming in a lot of games in the market, Clash of Clans is a game created by Super Cell. Talking about Super Sale, he has created a lot of games in which Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, Boom Beach, and Hay Day are quite popular games. Because their main income is the same.

About Clash of Clans

If you talk about Clash of Clans, then it is available on the Play Store. You can download from there. And this is a 98 MB game that you can easily install on your smartphone. If talking about the design of the game is different from a lot of games. Because in this game you have to attack each other, due to which people enjoy playing too and people mostly show interest and interest in the game. Because the game of attack is the most popular and will remain even till today.

Clash of Clans Celebrate 5th Anniversary | Know about COC

If talk of Clash of Clans game, then the launch was on September 3, 2013. And he is going to complete his 5th year on September 3, 2018. In his happiness, he is bringing lots of events and so on. It will also get 1 Gem Boost. By the way, you will continue to get a lot of great offers here, due to which people are attracted towards the game.

How to Install Clash of Clans and Connect to Gmail .?

First of all, when you start the game by installing the game, you are given the first guidance that what you have to say is to use games and how to make an army and how to attack them. Now, your game will start completely but before that you will have to login through your Gmail ID or you can login through your Super Sale account too.

Clash of Clans Celebrate 5th Anniversary | Know about COC

By logging in to these accounts, you will have the advantage of playing the game as long as you are, i.e. 1 year 2 years and then shut down. But back to the game when you feel like playing, you will have to start playing again. Where you left it will not come from there. That’s why you have to login in the Gmail ID. From where you left the game you will start right away.

The game will increase XP level in the way you are playing it. But the level will also increase according to your XP. As you get more XP, your XP level will increase.

What is XP Level ..?

XP Levels are a type of Points. If you update everything in your town hall i.e. in your Base, like all types of defense, army camp, etc., you will get XP to update that thing, i.e. some points will be found. Because of which your XP level will increase. It will start from one and it does not end. Some events are organized by Clash of Clans game. Through which you meet the Army Troops at a cheaper price and you are given a few XPs as rewards together. That’s why your XP level increases.

As you get XP, according to that you are known here. If your experience is high then you will be considered an experience person here. And most of you will also get respect from the clan member. So in all these ways you can get XP and XP is important.

What is Town hall (TH)?

Town Hall is like a kind of our house. Why did I say this because as we grow our house in our house, the goods grow in our house, in the same way if you update the Town Hall in it you will get new defense and they also have to upgrade you. And after this upgrade now fully upgrade, you and a level Town Hall can increase.

But there are many people who update without updating the Direct Town Hall but they can not stay long in this game. Because they update the town hall like this, they start getting loot less in this game, and together they are not able to attack completely on their front bay, so they do not enjoy playing games and at the end they leave .

Clash of Clans Celebrate 5th Anniversary | Know about COC

Those people who proceed with Max Max complete their Town Hall, they get ticking in this game. Because he can send comfortably to the front. Town halls come from 1 to 12 levels. In which you can upgrade the 12th level town hall 5 times. But he has not yet arrived, who has just been in just two months. So it’s called our house like Town Hall.

What is Defense in Clash of Clans?

Defense is of great importance in the Clash of Clans game. Because as your defense is of high level, people in your country are less attacking and people below you can not attack at your base.
But most people at your top level get stuck in your base.

There is a lot of stuff in defense. Such as Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Air Defense, Air Swipper, Canon, Inferno Tower, Hidden Tesla, Clan Castle, Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Grand Warden, X-Bow, and Eagle Artillery.

1. Archer Tower

The task of the Archer Tower is that anyone who attacks us, shoots them arrows, in the air and in the ground.

2. Wizard Tower

Wizard Tower’s work is to injure Troops in front of Flash Kill. And this is the most popular in the tower game. Because in the game wizards all value too much.

3. Air Defense

Air Defense is the target of targeting anybody who attacks the air on our base in the air. And it only targets anyone who lives in Troops in the air.

4. Air Sweeper

Air Sweeper works in the air all the Troops, i.e. the dragon, lava hound, minion, etc. shakes away all by air, i.e. that time takes time to complete the attack and it can not take three stars on our base.

5. Canon

Their task is to kill the soldiers who attack the troops on the ground. Their favorite target is anyone, that means it can attack anyone.

6. Inferno Tower

If inferno tower is considered, then this is the most developed defense of a clash of clans. Because there are two different types of targets in this defense. Singal Target and Multiple Target It also attacks in the air and attacks on the ground. Their favorite target is anything. Any other Troops can finish it in a few seconds. So this is one of the favorites defense of all.

7. Hidden Tesla

Hidden Tesla is a type of tower, but it remains hidden according to its name. As soon as someone attacks us on the base, Troops come out of their underworld and shed light on everyone. Their favorite target is Pekka.

8. Clan Castle

We can keep the Troops given to someone else by the work of Clan Castle. And when we are offline then if there is any attack on us then it protects our defense. Along with Gold Storage and Elixir Storage also protects

9. Archer Queen

Their job is to kill any Troops and eliminate any defenses. Together they attack our base, no one can kill their soldiers in the air and can kill them on the ground. Along with that, he can kill anyone by staying away from the four-five style. That is why they have spoken the Archer Queen. To upgrade these, we need Dark Elixir. Dark Elixir increases every level of the Archer Queen you update, which means that you have to pay more.


10. Barbarian King

If their work attacks our country, then they have to kill them. Together, when we attack someone’s base, we can take them as their defense. Due to which our strength increases. We can upgrade them from one to 55 levels. Dark Elixir increases every level of Barbarian King’s updates, which means that you have to pay more.

11. Grand Warden

Grand Warden is one of the most funny items in this game. Because no one gets attacked on our base when he gets stuck. Their coverage area is similar to the barbarian king and archer queen. If any army comes in their area, then fire them with a fire shock. Grand Warden finds you at 11 level at the Town Hall.

12. X-Bow

X-Bow has the highest range. It can rain arrows in a lot of area. Their coverage area is also the highest, so they are also considered as the best. It updates from 1 to 6 levels. Gold is needed to update these. Each of these levels changes their look. Because of which it looks scary and people at the bottom level are not afraid to attack them. But it does not really happen, only their look is scary and work is also good for them.

13. Eagle Artillery

Eagle comes in the shape of the eagle according to its name. It attacks in both air and in the ground. Creates a target of any troop and sends three shells together on it and eliminates them. If they talk about coverage area, the coverage of the largest of them till now is the area. That is, attacking the whole ground. Eagle Artillery you get in Town Hall 11.

What is Troops in Clash of Clans?

When we go to attack on the base of another, the army we take after making the army is called a force. It contains a lot of troops such as barbarian, archer, giant, goblin, wall breaker, balloon, wizard, healer, dragon, pekka, baby dragon, miner, minion, hog rider, Valkyrie, Golem, witch, lava hound, and bowler etc. To know about the attack of all this, how it works, you can download and download this game by using it.

Clash of Clans Celebrate 5th Anniversary | Know about COC

What is the Spell in Clash of Clans?

Spell is a kind of way through which we can run our troops fast, they can fill their blood. Due to that, he can stay in the attack for a much longer time and help us get three stars.

Types of Spell

Elixir spell

1. Light Spell
2. Healing Spell
3. Rage Spell
4. Jump Spell
5. Freeze Spell
6. Clone Spell

Dark spell

1. Poison Spell
2. Earthquake Spell
3. Haste Spell
4. Skeleton Spell

If you want to know about the usage of these Spell, you can go to the game and try it.

What is the war in Clash of Clans?

War is called a type of attack. Those whom we can play with the other Clan member of our own country or the other country’s Clan member. That too we get according to our base. Suppose you have done War Search for 10 people and if you have Base Max then you will also get Max Base.

Clash of Clans lets you search by this way. Anyone from all over the world can come to War in front of you because this game is played all over the world. At least 5 members are required to play War Game.

Clash of Clans Celebrate 5th Anniversary | Know about COC

War of the game is of Day Day 24 hour. During this, you have to donate your clan members to the troops in the Clan and there is a lot of preparation. 24 hours After the finale ends, the Preparation Day is over and the battle day comes in it you have to attack each other. And during this game, those who most of the stars bring it are declared winners.

As a reward for War Game, you get a lot of bonus. As Bonus I get you Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. Plus you also get clan XP. Because of which your clan level also increases and most of all you benefit.

What is Clash of Clans Clan game?

Clan Game I have to play a game of your own clan in which you get a lot of reward as a reward. Clan Game Total runs for 7 days. You have to get as many points as you want to get in it. That’s why you win Clan Game.

Clash of Clans Celebrate 5th Anniversary | Know about COC

Clan Game I have given you lots of tasks that you have to compile. After 7 days of completion, you will get a bonus by the amount of work you have completed. You can store it in your Clan Castle Storage. The second clan game is organized according to clash of clan, it takes only 7 days and it takes 8-9 minutes too.

Their timing notifications get us in the side of the base border. There is a small box on there. When we tap on them, here we show how many days are left to us. Once the time is over, immediately there is a town hall. There is a list of our rewards that we have to compile, because of which we get a bonus.

I am going to the clan, can I get my clan game bonus in clash of clans?

A lot of people have the same question in mind that they have played a clan game in the old clan, and after that they have gone to leave, will they get their bonus bonus for their clan game? But there is no need to scare you because if you have played a clan game in the old clan then you will definitely get the bonus. But this bonus gets you after the clan game is over.

What is the Dead Base in Clash of Clans?

Dead Base is a kind of dead base according to their name. The reason for building Dead Base is Time. Because there are so many people in the world who have started to play this game. But after much progress, he has difficulty managing him in time and he can not manage his time. For that, they stop playing the game. Many people attack your base after you close the game.

Then your defense has to go back and upgrade you. He is re-arm from Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. If you have stopped play or if you do not re-arm it, then that too is closed.

Clash of Clans Celebrate 5th Anniversary | Know about COC

Anyone who attacks your base because of them, no one can beat them in your defense mode. Due to this, your base goes completely robbing. In this, your gold mine or elixir collector with dark drill machine is full of flowers and the attacker gets full loot. We speak Dead Base in our language.

6th Anniversary of Clash of Clans Bonus

As a bonus of 6th anniversary, we have given clash of clans all the collector 1 gems on the whole for a full month. It is also a full month of 3 August 2018 to 3 September 2018. And on September 3, 2018, this big event will be planned because it’s the 6th anniversary. This poor man can get many rewards too and can get anything as a bonus. So these days you will be ready for celebration.

How to Popular Clash of Clans

This game spread like this among the public and a lot of people started playing it. Due to these, it became quite popular He got five star ratings on the Play Store and also got 100 million plus downloads. If you talk about pricing of this game then it is absolutely free and if you want to download its version of money, you will also find it on the Play Store.

How to Earn Clash of Clans from Users?

Clash of Clans earns money from users through their gem. Because there are so many people who have to play games but do not get time to play games. During this time clash of clans used gem to make troops, defense, and army. Through Gem, we can upgrade anything in the game.

Gem people earn a lot of money due to their income of clash of clans. Most of the children also play it, young and old also play it in great quantity. You need a credit card to buy Gem, or you can buy it through your gift voucher too. There are many such You Tubers who promote the clash of clans and give them the Gem bye. Clash of Clans is Earning due to them.

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