8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything : there is way to change your selfie poses and take a good selfie batter then now. 8 selfie poses explain everything about selfie. So lets see….

Friends in today’s article I am going to talk to you about different types of selfie poses. In which way can you pull selfies and how many ways the selfie pulled and how to edit it. I’m going to talk about 8 different ways through which you can pull selfies in 8 different ways.

1. Good Side Selfie Poses

If you see, your smartphone has two general lens cameras in one front and one in the rear part. But the best camera behind it is the rear, which can take a very good picture. You can also use them for selfies. Suppose when husband wife is interacting with each other, then you feel like taking selfies.

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything

So first you have to hold your mobile with one hand. And while talking, take the selfie by placing your mobile 90 degrees on the back camera. These will also make your self better and you will also get good quality in them. This is a part of 1 selfie poses.

2. Brilliant Selfie Poses

Lighting is very important for photography and selfie. You can neither take a photo without light and neither selfie lighting should also be very good, not too hard and not very soft. If you want to draw a selfie during the day, then do not stay in the sun while standing in the sun.

Because these will turn your face to yellow and bad. If you want to draw a selfie in the outdoor, then stand under any tree. If there is no tree in front of you, then you can resort to any building. You will find soft lights around it.

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything

If you stay in the house and if you want to take selfie then you will get a soft light with the help of sun near your window. During this you have to keep the flash off. Avoiding the rear light. If you are in two friends together then both of you have to stay close to each other and keep your mobile upside down.

A friend with a hand holding a mobile with a light comes on his face, such a selfie has not been pulled. Because of which you will also like your look and will not be dark on your face. Always remember one thing when you take selfie then you put the focus on your eyes. This is 2nd way of Selfie Poses.

3. Pay Attention to the Background

When you are taking a portrait photo, then you have to always remember the background that your background should be clean and tidy. Because of which you get good quality of your photo and have a good look at your photos.

While dragging a portrait selfie or taking a portrait photo, if your background is green color then it is very good because the green color comes in good color and the blur is also good. Because of that the main focus lives on us.

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything

If you want to draw a portrait with any animal, street, tree, then you have to keep them behind the side slightly and you have to stand ahead. With the help of which you will get good blur and your photo quality will also be good.

In these cases if you are pulling photos from your smartphone, then you get mobile hands in your hands according to your angle. Now put the mobile away to take selfie so that you get the focal points good. In all these cases, your mobile’s camera resolution should be good. This is 3rd way of Selfie Poses.

4. Extend your Arm

Do not stretch your hand completely. Do not just bend your hand from arm. Grab your mobile or camera. Keep your face on the side of the camera and smiling on them, keep your arm away from your hip.

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything

If you are pulling selfie with two hands, then you can use your cone as a frame and easily pull the portrait.

In this case, your mobile should be at the front of your face or your mobile should be in the upper part of your face. If the lighting is good, you will find a great selfie. This is 4th way of Selfie Poses.

5. Right Selfie Poses

  • First of all, keep your camera parallel to your eye. Keep your face right in front of your mobile. Your mouth should not be down
  • Look at the parallel of the camera and keep your eye balls too parallel.
  • Now take these photos in your best 3 different angles.

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything

  • While wearing selfies you do not want to wear your sunglasses because its reflection is not good.
  • Have your lips open completely and show your teeth and keep a good smile on your face.
  • While taking selfies, do not zoom in your photo because the result is very low quality.
  • If possible, you can fix your hair and wear your clothes and look absolutely professional.
  • This is 5th way of Selfie Poses.

6. Don’t move

This is a common problem of everyone who shakes while taking photos, due to which the quality of the photo is not good and the photo gets spoiled. If you want to take a photo during walking, then first put it in your mobile side and set them to the timer. Because of that, your photo may be very clear and not too blurred. This is 6th way of Selfie Poses.

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything



7. Try and Try Again

How can you draw your photo using this trick? But your mobile should be absolutely stable. You can pull your photo very well at any point. If you are with your friends either with your friends or with your friends then first you have to catch the mobile in your hand. In this you can use one today and use both hands.

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything

Keep your mobile above your forehead. Everyone has to talk about staying close and take a photo. After that everyone has to stay separate and have to take photos while doing some acting. Have to take photos while doing these different fun. In this you can create a list of all the great photos that will be included in your memories. This is 7th way of Selfie Poses.

8. Editing

  • This is the most helpful tool in photos. Because of that, you can make your photo a lot better and you can look good even as you look in real.
  • Photoshop this is the first time you have to set up your lighting through any application software.
  • To remove darkness from your photos.

8 reasons selfie poses will change the everything

  • Photoshop or you can touch your photo through your mobile application, due to which your face does not look faded.
  • Now you have to put smoothes in your face. You can also do this with the help of application.
  • Editing the photo in such a way that your photo is quite natural.
  • This is 8th way of Selfie Poses.

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