How Android Free Apps Can Help You Live a Better Life

How Android Free Apps Can Help You Live a Better Life : Friends In today’s article I’m going to talk to you about Top 5 usable Android Free Apps. Through them, you can use it anywhere in any place. In today’s era, a lot of people are using Android mobile. But how many people are there who do not know English, then nobody comes to Hindi. So many applications in the Android system are available that you can find out about anything. And this is going to be very useful for you, so let’s see about the top 5 Android Free Apps.

Top 5 Useful Android Free Apps

1. Cam Scanner

Friends, the first application in our list is Came Scanner. Through them, you can either take a photo of the document and transfer it to a direct PDF file. Through this app you can fax and email to anyone.

cam scanner How Android Free Apps Can Help You Live a Better Life

Anyone can send you on Whats-App too. You have to draw a photo through these apps, after which it is OK to transfer it as a PDF. He will also be in this application.

After that you will not need any PDF transfers, you can email directly with the help of these applications.  You can do all this through your mobile. Cam Scanner is absolutely free apps and if you want a Paid version, you will find it on Google Play Store.


This application is one of the most useful apps. You can make your work easier through these apps. This application is used by a lot of people throughout the world. You must first create an account in this application, after which you can use it by logging into it.

Through these apps, you have to link all your applications such as Instagram, Dropbox, Twitter, and Alexa to a great website. Because of that you will be able to use all applications due to this one application. And if asked in easy language, this application handles all your applications.

ifttt How Android Free Apps Can Help You Live a Better Life

If you uploaded a photo here and you connected it to another app, your Photo Direct will be uploaded in all apps. So this application is quite usable for us. So we put it on number 2. IFTTT is absolutely free apps. If you need a version of Paid, you will also find it on Google Play Store.

3. Google Translate

It is one of the best apps to date. If you do not have any language through which you can transfer it through it. That is, if you do not come to English and come in Hindi then you can also convert it to English by typing in anything by speaking in Hindi.

Google Translate How Android Free Apps Can Help You Live a Better Life

And if you are searching something on the internet and all that is coming in English then copy it and paste it in it and you can transfer it in whatever language you want. There are so many languages ​​in it that through which you can learn or change any language.

You will find this application at the Play Store. Google Translate is absolutely free apps. I think a lot of people use it. That’s why we put them at number Three.

4. YouTube Studio

YouTube is one of the world’s best and famous free apps. Through which you can upload video to any place anywhere. And you can get fame in any category. In these applications, you first need to have a Google Account.

YouTube creator Studio How Android Free Apps Can Help You Live a Better Life

After that you can create your channel and upload the video in it. If the content of your video is good then people would like to see you video. Do you know why your video can be viral? And also subscribe to your channel through which you can get a fame in YouTube.

Due to these, there are so many brands that can also advertise their product by paying you to advertise them. And you can earn a lot of money from here. So this is the best way to be a popular. YouTube Studio is absolutely free apps. That’s why we put it on number four.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive has proven to be the best and most helpful application for today. Through these, we can save any data by placing it in it. And even if we forget it, we still have no worries.

Google Drive How Android Free Apps Can Help You Live a Better Life

Because it’s a secure data server of Google. Through which we can store any data on our mobile, its photo, sheets, PDF file, doc file, contact number and all that can be stored in it. Lets you first use space up to 15 GB free.

After that if we need more space then we have to pay the money to them. And this is also great because 15 GB is getting us absolutely free. If you want its money version, you will find it on Google Play Store. Their prices range from $ 2 to $ 100, in which you can get space from 100 GB to 1 TB.


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